Burgled designer in race to recreate collection

  • List.co.uk
  • 10 September 2007

A young Scottish fashion designer has been left reeling after his new designs were stolen just days before they were due to be unveiled at London Fashion Week.

Christopher Kane, 24, was due to attend a fashion ceremony at Stirling Castle on Sunday, but the audience was told he would not be appearing because his East London workshop had been burgled.

The Motherwell-born designer, who has worked with fashion house Versace, is now racing to recreate his collection for next week’s style festival.

A friend of the designer commented: “It is very strange – it was only discovered in the morning. It is not the whole collection, just a few of the pieces. It is a setback, but he is confident he can get everything back together in time for London Fashion Week.”

The event is expected to prove a boost for Glasgow designers Jamie Bruski Tetsill, Scott Ramsay Kyle and Deryck Walker, whose designs will be included in an exhibition created by See Glasgow.

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