Christopher Maloney performs for pensioners in Liverpool

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  • 5 December 2012
Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney

'X Factor' finalist Christopher Maloney took to the stage in Liverpool yesterday (04.12.12) in front of a crowd of older supporters

Christopher Maloney drummed up support in Liverpool yesterday (04.12.12).

The controversial 'X Factor' finalist - who has been branded a "diva" by axed contestants and labelled "cheesy" by the judges - was reunited with his biggest fan, his grandma Nanna Pat, before performing for 1,500 people at the Liverpool Empire.

However, the crowd who turned up to watch the 34-year-old former cruise ship singer was largely made up of pensioners.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "He's a favourite of the older generation, but we were amazed by how many pensioners wanted to support him at his gig.

"It seems a lot of them are also spending their pension voting for him - and he could win the show off the back of them."

Fans of the nerve-riddled crooner had to cite their age when applying for tickets for the free gig, and a source revealed the average age was 82.

Christopher has shocked fans of the ITV2 show by never once being in the bottom two, leading 'X Factor' mogul Simon Cowell to worry he could win the competition over remaining acts Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur thanks to his massive support group.

Sensitive soul Christopher is now confident he can win and thinks the way he has handled constant criticism and negative press has set him apart from his rivals.

He told The Mirror newspaper: "I think Jahmene is the big threat, but the two of them are both great. I'm proud of the way I've handled the stick. This is all I ever wanted to do and regardless of what criticism I get I've always come back fighting the next week.

"I've tried to take on board what everyone has said, even if it is tough. I do take it all to heart."


1. formbybird6 Dec 2012, 1:05pm Report

I thought I had stumbled upon some kind of satirical news site here. What a load of total rubbish, I went to this show, the tickets were handed out to people without any questions about age, the Empire holds in excess of 2000 people and it was full of support for Chris. The average age was closer to 40 actually - it was full of young kids with their mums, the oldest person I saw in there was Chris's nan! Yet another case of the Sun lying - why am I not shocked. Amazed any website would trust information from such a source. Pathetic.

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