Jahmene Douglas 'deserves' X Factor success

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  • 4 December 2012
Jahmene Douglas

Jahmene Douglas

Union J want Jahmene Douglas to win 'The X Factor' on Sunday (09.12.12) "more than anything" and believe he "deserves" to triumph in the competition more than his fellow finalists James Arthur and Christopher Maloney

Jahmene Douglas "deserves" to win 'The X Factor' the most, according to Union J.

The boy band - who were voted off the competition last Sunday (02.12.12) - believe the 22-year-old hopeful should be crowned the winner of the talent show on Sunday (09.12.12) because he is a "phenomenal" talent.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, George Shelley said: "He's so innocent and pure and he deserves it more."

JJ Hamblett added: "Jahmene is phenomenal. James is phenomenal, too, and he's going to be massive either way."

The group believe Jahmene "could do" with beating James Arthur and Christopher Maloney in the final because he will "really benefit" by finding out "who he is as an artist".

Jaymi Hensley explained: "I think Jahmene, as incredible as he is, could really do with winning just to find out who he is as an artist. James is so set in stone who he is and he knows exactly. Chris is what Chris is and he's worked in singing for a long time.

"I think Jahmene would really benefit from the people who will work with him, just like Leona Lewis did. Leona was amazing, she had that something, and with all the help by winning she became this stratospheric star."

While the boy band - who are completed by Josh Cuthbert - are fully behind Jahmene winning the competition, they predict Christopher will triumph in the Manchester-based on Sunday.

The added: "We think Chris is going to win because he's never been in the bottom two so he must be popular. But neither has Jahmene and we really want him to win more than anything.

"We spent the night with Jahmene on Sunday. He came into our room and we just watched TV and chilled out and just spoke about everything for hours. He woke up on Monday morning one hour earlier to say bye to us. He's one of the nicest guys.

"All three are individually different but it's anyone game. Anyone can win it. "

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