The Killers' festive rock song

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  • 3 December 2012
The Killers

Ronnie Vannucci

The Killers' new Christmas song was originally written for 'Battle Born', but after adding some sleigh bells it has become their annual charity Christmas single for 2012

The Killers' new Christmas song was originally written for 'Battle Born'.

The band have unveiled their annual charity Christmas track, this year titled 'I Feel It in My Bones', and drummer Ronnie Vannucci says it was initially planned as a song for their fourth album, released earlier this year.

He explained to "It was an idea we had and a demo we recorded when we working on 'Battle Born' and it was so good. See what we do is we tend to make all these songs and then put them in a locker and find them way too late."

Ronnie, 36, said the band recently finished recording the track - making it sound more festive for Christmas - and the band are happy with their efforts.

Ronnie added: "I think it rides a line between Christmas and a 'Battle Born' track, but you'd be surprised what sleigh bells can do to a song!"

'I Feel It in My Bones' is the band's seventh annual Christmas single. Proceeds from the sales will go to (RED) which benefits H.I.V. and Aids relief efforts in Africa.

'I Feel it in My Bones' is available on iTunes from tomorrow (04.12.12).

The Killers

Las Vegas rockers famed for their glamorous take on indie rock'n'roll. The Killers are Brandon Flowers (vocals/keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitars), Mark Stoermer (bass) and Ronnie Vannucci (drums).

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