Matt Smith: The Doctor is 'attracted' to Clara

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  • 3 December 2012
Matt Smith at Asylum of the Daleks screening

Matt Smith

Matt Smith believes the introduction of Clara to 'Doctor Who' is exactly what the Time Lord needs to get over the loss of Amy Pond and Rory Williams

Matt Smith thinks the Doctor is "attracted" to his new companion.

The 'Doctor Who' star's titular Time Lord encounters Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) in the forthcoming Christmas special of the BBC One show and the actor thinks she is just what he needs to get over the loss of Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

He said: "The fall of the Ponds had a grave effect on the man. I think he's quite lonely and removed from the universe and not really as engaged as he was, at his best with Amy and Rory.

"Handily, he meets a jaunty new companion, a hot chick.

"What's interesting with a new companion is that it changes the way he is and affects his personality. I think, in one way or another, the Doctor is always attracted to his companion and he's certainly taken by this striking young lady."

Matt is particularly excited by the Christmas special because of his costume.

He added to the Radio Times magazine: "I've got a whole new Christmassy outfit and the best hat. A bit Artful Dodger meets the Doctor.

"There's a lot of purple this year, which is nice. I've always wanted something purple but they were always reluctant. It's taken three years to get a jaunty hat and a purple coat."

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