EastEnders' Shirley destroys Phil Mitchell's fake wedding to Sharon

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  • 27 November 2012
Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden

EastEnders' Shirley Carter will return to the square and destroy Phil Mitchell's fake wedding to Sharon in order to get custody of his granddaughter Lexi

EastEnders' Shirley Carter will destroy Phil Mitchell's fake wedding to Sharon Rickman.

The lady of leisure, played by Linda Henry, is returning to the Square next week and is furious to find out that Sharon (Letitia Dean) is re-marrying her ex-fiance Phil (Steve McFadden), in order to get custody of his granddaughter Lexi and sets out to ruin his life.

An insider revealed to InsideSoap magazine: "Make no mistake - Shirley wants revenge, and she will fight to the death if she has to! Her time away from Walford has done her the world of good. She's spent time reconnecting with her daughter Carly, and it's given her a new perspective on things.

"Now she's back and more determined than ever to see that Phil finally gets what's coming to him."

Sharon is even more surprised when she learns what her ex-lover has in store for everyone, after hearing from friend Denise who Lexi's father is - her and Phil's son Ben.

The source adds: "Shirley's satisfied that Phil is a broken man, and she's happy to walk out of Walford and never see him again.

"But when Denise lets slip that Ben is little Lexi's dad, Shirley is flabbergasted. And who can blame her being shocked by that news? It's not something that anyone in Walford saw coming!"

Phil soon becomes convinced Shirley has been meddling in his and Sharon's custody case when a social worker calls for a spot visit, leaving him so paranoid that he calls of their engagement.

More will be revealed on Monday's (03.12.12) episode on BBC One.

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