Scotland showcase on the banks of the Thames

  • 7 September 2007

An event is being staged in London this weekend to showcase the best of modern Scottish culture, with performances from comedian Hardeem Singh Kohli and singers Sandi Thom and Eddi Reader.

Taking place on the banks of the Thames, there will be three marquees for literary, culinary and historical and musical culture.

Celebrity chef Nick Nairn will demonstrate his talents, along with Shirley Spear of the Three Chimneys and Master Chef Winner Sue Lawrence.

Meanwhile, authors Christopher Bookmyre and Isla Dewar are among those reading from their work.

The event has been organised by Dundee-born entrepreneur Scot Gardiner, who moved to London to work with Alan Sugar nine years ago. With 340,000 Scots in London, Gardiner said the event was long overdue.

“I’ve seen events everywhere else about Scotland, but nothing here. Every time I return home for a visit, I see the cultural renaissance that is happening there.

“It just seems a much more confident, positive and dynamic place. People down here don’t seem to be really getting this, they still seem to have a view of it that is stuck in the 1970s and 80s.

“I wanted to challenge these perceptions.”

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