Elton John backs charity single

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  • 24 November 2012
Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John has thrown his support behind a new version of 'Tiny Dancer' which was recorded to raise money for four-year-old Irish girl Lily-Mae Morrison, who is battling cancer

Sir Elton John has endorsed a cover version of his song 'Tiny Dancer' which is aiming to raise money for a cancer stricken child.

The 65-year-old musician was so touched by the story of four-year-old Lily-Mae Morrison, who is battling neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive cancer of the nervous system, and the 300 Irish musicians who came together to record 'Tiny Dancer: A Song For Lily-Mae' that he tweeted about it and urged his fans to buy the song.

A statement on his website eltonjohn.com said: "A beautiful version of Elton and Bernie [Taupin]'s song 'Tiny Dancer' has been recorded in Ireland as a way to raise money for the care of Lily-Mae Morrison, a four year-old Irish girl who has neuroblastoma, a rare and extremely aggressive childhood cancer of the nervous system.

"Lily-Mae, from Galway, is the daughter of professional ballet dancers, Judith Sibley and Leighton Morrison. A group of over 300 Irish musicians has recorded 'Tiny Dancer' in an attempt to raise money for her care, to raise awareness of neuroblastoma, and maybe even to reach the number one spot in the Christmas charts in Ireland and elsewhere. 'Tiny Dancer: A Song For Lily-Mae' is released from iTunes on November 23. We encourage Elton's fans to like the video, and we especially encourage you to visit iTunes on Friday and buy the song!"

Elton - who has a 23-month-old son Zachary with his husband David Furnish - is renowned for his charity work and has raised millions through his AIDS Foundation.

'Tiny Dancer: A Song For Lily-Mae' is currently available to buy on iTunes.

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