Mysterious paper sculptures to reappear for Book Week Scotland

Mysterious paper sculptures to reappear for Book Week Scotland

Photo: Chris Scott

Anonymous sculptor plans to hide new pieces throughout Scotland

The artist behind the mysterious paper sculptures that appeared throughout Edinburgh in 2011 has announced that five more creations will be found during Book Week Scotland.

The anonymous sculptor is planning to hide these new pieces in five secret locations throughout Scotland along with clues so that they can be uncovered.

The ten original sculptures were found between March and November 2011, with many influenced by Scottish books including Ian Rankin's Rebus novels, James Hogg's Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner and Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde.

They have recently been touring the country on the GiftEd Tour and this announcement comes just as the pieces are due to arrive at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh this weekend.

It has been suggested that these five new sculptures will follow the theme of 'Scottish classics' in honour of the first ever Book Week Scotland.

Ali Bowden, director of UNESCO City of Literature Trust said: 'We love the sculpture that we received in 2011, and we're delighted that it will have five new friends and that others around Scotland can share in this wonderful story.'

The generous artist has always worked hard to protect their anonymity, but after the ten original sculptures had been found they just couldn't seem to stop giving. Other pieces appeared, with one left at Edinburgh Bookshop for crime writer Ian Rankin and 50 paper roses discovered during this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Book Week Scotland is already hitting the headlines as the newest addition to Scotland's festivals, but the announcement that these sculptures are being hidden in it's honour suggests it is now firmly rooted in the nations literary culture.

GiftED: The Edinburgh Book Sculptures on Tour 2012 will be at the Scottish Poetry Library from 24 November until 8 December 2012. Book Week Scotland runs from 26 November until 2 December 2012 with events throughout the country.

GiftED: The Edinburgh Book Sculptures

Once upon a time in Edinburgh, mysterious sculptures started appearing all over the city. They were made from books of celebrated literature and found in places that were deemed to be 'in support of libraries, books, words, ideas'. Now you can see them all in one place. Watch out for the teeny Ian Rankin references…

Book Week Scotland

A 'national book festival' for Scotland courtesy of Creative Scotland, the Scottish Book Trust and many other collaborators across the country. A packed programme of star-studded author events, kids' activities and the distribution of free books all combine to form a week-long national celebration of reading.

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