Animal Collective O2 ABC, Glasgow, Wed 7 Nov 2012 (4 stars)

Animal Collective O2 ABC, Glasgow, Wed 7 Nov 2012

The often unpredictable AnCo prove themselves hypeworthy, with a technicolour live show

After a frustrating headline performance at ATP last year, it was going to take an unprecedented effort to coax this writer onto the Animal Collective hype-wagon. But anything’s possible right? Having slowly but steadily won over fans and high-brow music critics over the course about ten years with a series of relatively low-key, head-scratching releases, it was 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavilion that saw them flood the musical landscape like a battered club toilet. As a result, their return to Scotland, on a much grander scale this time round, in support of new album, Centipede Hz, was being met with much anticipation.

Thankfully, the Baltimore boys came through right off the bat. The stage show alone would eat up the word-count ten-fold if I were to explain in it full, but let’s just say that the onstage set pieces, teeth-like lighting rigs and wave upon wave of arty projections, gave a sense of context and colour to their music that doesn’t really exist on record, allowing the live show to truly come into its own and ultimately, make the whole thing make sense. Picking liberally from the new album, the combined musicianship and improvisational skill of AnCo made it hard to fault even the unfamiliar.

Animal Collective - Today's Supernatural (Official Music Video)

Animal Collective

Psychedelic experimental music from Baltimore, back with new album Painting With.

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