Garage-funk posse Chain & the Gang return to Glasgow and Edinburgh

Garage-funk posse Chain & the Gang return to Glasgow and Edinburgh

The group, led by DC punk veteran Ian Svenonius, promise 'minimal riffs with maximum fuzz'

Ian Svenonius, the outspoken and impeccably dressed originator of the garage-funk hybrid known as ‘gospel yeh yeh’, is returning to Glasgow for a night of shimmying and shrieking.

‘Depend on us for martial rhythms, minimal riffs with maximum fuzz, bass throbs, shouts, mutters and confessions, as well as bewitching call and response tunes to make any indentured workforce proud,’ implores the band.

Svenonius, the strutting focal point of Chain & the Gang, possesses all the chops necessary to get even the most uptight gig goer sashaying – it’s not all bluster, however.

A veteran of the DC punk scene, Svenonius has seen it all and is variously known as an author, a socio-political commentator and activist and, as the former host of online arts programme Soft Focus, independent music’s answer to Michael Parkinson. The former Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up and Weird War frontman has always espoused radical politics through his music, and Chain & the Gang is no different.

In Cool Blood, the collective’s recent third collection (on K Records), gives a wry nod to Truman Capote’s vision of the American nightmare and urges listeners to pull on your soft shoes, sprinkle some talcum powder and slide your way to a different way of thinking.

CCA, Glasgow, Tue 27 Nov; Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Wed 28 Nov.

Chain & the Gang

The latest righteous incarnation of cult DC garage punk rock'n'roll icon Ian Svenonius.