Famous names to DJ for BBC birthday

  • List.co.uk
  • 6 September 2007

Sir Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne will help BBC Radio 1 celebrate its 40th anniversary by becoming honourary DJs.

The musicians will join a host of stars - including Debbie Harry, Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller - to DJ for the Radio 1 Legends series. The hosts will play their favourite songs and discuss the music that inspired their careers.

Sir Paul is expected to play Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones, as well as songs from The Beatles.

He said: “As I am a legend in my own street, they’ve very kindly asked me to do my own show, talk about people who inspired me and play my favourite records.”

The station will also mark its birthday by releasing an album of cover versions, with one track for every year Radio 1 has been on the air.

Among those contributing to the record is Amy Winehouse, the Kaiser Chiefs and Girls Aloud.

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