Rihanna's performance at London's HMV Forum to be streamed

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 November 2012


Rihanna is set to perform at London's HMV Forum tonight (19.11.12) in Kentish Town and fans can stream the whole performance live from YouTube's 'Love Live' channel

Rihanna is set to perform at London's HMV Forum tonight (19.11.12).

The 'Diamonds' hitmaker has announced she will be playing at the venue - which has a capacity of just 2,300 - as part of her 777 Tour, which sees her perform seven shows in seven different countries in seven days.

The whole performance will also available for fans around the world to stream live through the 'Love Live' channel on YouTube.

Rihanna, 24, has been travelling from country to country on a Boeing 777 jet with 150 journalists and fans joining her for the ride and wild antics on board have already been described as "anarchy" and "chaos".

Writer and trip member Jason Newman Tweeted: "Crowd chanted while Aussie journo stripped naked and ran around the plane (sic)."

MTV's Maud Deitch commented on the plane's aroma after five days, flying from The US to Canada, Mexico, France and Berlin before heading to the US, posting: "It now smells like a movie theater concession stand on the Rihanna plane and the people next to us just rolled up to their seats with tumblers filled with whiskey and then one of them promptly spilled it into his seat back pocket (sic)."

After pouring alcohol into guests mouths and partying with them during the earlier flights it has been reported that Rihanna left passengers disappointed as she hid in a 'panic room' during her journey from Berlin, Germany, to London.

Her seventh album, 'Unapologetic', is out now.


Sassy pop and R&B packed with attitude from the multi-award-winning Barbadian singer actress, who has topped the UK charts again and again with hits including 'Umbrella', 'Only Girl (In The World)', 'We Found Love' and 'Diamonds.'

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