Emmerdale: Declan distraught over Katie's accident

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  • 19 November 2012
Sammy Winward

Sammy Winward

Declan Macey is panic-stricken when new wife Katie is left hanging on for dear life after a mineshaft collapses under her in 'Emmerdale'

Emmerdale's Declan Macey will suffer a "meltdown" when wife Katie almost dies.

A dramatic storyline on the ITV1 soap will see the ground collapse under Katie (Sammy Winward) during a quad bike ride through the Home Farm estate, leaving her panic-stricken husband fearing for her life as she hangs on over an old mineshaft.

Jason Merrells, 44, who plays distraught Declan, said: "Declan held Katie up as an icon of virtue, which was a bit silly. But I think it's all a storm in a teacup. Katie then rides over a mineshaft and she and the bike end up at the bottom of the pit.

"Declan is absolutely in bits - he's a complete mess. He realises that he was being silly to argue so much with Katie and now he might have lost her completely. He goes into a meltdown about it."

The newlyweds have been going through a rocky patch since their wedding, and Declan will blame himself for Katie's accident, wishing he had been a more supportive husband.

He enlists the help of Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb), who arrives at the scene with her tractor and accidentally causes the ground to collapse even further as Katie disappears.

Jason added to the Daily Star: "Katie falls so far down that she disappears and they can't hear her any more. Things become really dark in Declan's head.

"He starts to think he's killed Katie and there's nothing anyone can do to save her. That's when he descends into self-hatred."

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