Alan Carr's drunken autocue issues

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  • 19 November 2012
Alan Carr

Alan Carr

Alan Carr once got so drunk with Westlife on 'Chatty Man' he couldn't read the autocue, but he hadn't realised the 'Flying Without Wings' hitmakers had only been pretending to get intoxicated with him

Alan Carr once got so drunk with Westlife on 'Chatty Man' he couldn't read the autocue.

The 36-year-old presenter usually enjoys a drink with his star-studded line-up of guests on the chat show but he felt as though he'd been on a heavy night out when he had the 'Flying Without Wings' hitmakers on the show once, as he tried to match their alcohol consumption but didn't realise they were only pretending to get intoxicated.

Alan - who is on the ninth series of the Channel 4 programme - said: "I didn't realise they were flinging their glasses behind the sofa. So I kept drinking, thinking, 'God, I know the Irish can drink but my head's rotating'.

"When I got up, I saw it was knee-deep in shot glasses behind the settee.

"I find all alcohol moreish, so I was on my third glass and I couldn't read the autocue properly. By the time the third guest came on I was up for a fight and a kebab."

It's not the first time alcohol has nearly got the better of Alan on 'Chatty Man' and he was almost sick after filming once thanks to his love of Mariah Carey's £1,000-a-bottle champagne.

He explained: "Drinking wine, I get emotional, with gin I get blotchy.

"With whisky I get violent, so I never have whisky. I ended up pushing someone into a wheelie bin once, seriously. I was at college, I don't really know what happened but it was after whisky.

"At least I know my triggers - some people drink and don't know what sets them off.

"I was nearly sick after filming once. I had Mariah Carey's new champagne, which was about £1,000 a bottle. It was lovely but it was lethal."

Despite having fun on 'Chatty Man', Alan insists a documentary about his personal life would be "bloody boring", but he joked it could be more interesting if he has a mid-life crisis.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "I'll never be the subject of one of those BBC4 documentaries like on Tony Hancock and Frankie Howerd. What you see is what you get with me.

"A documentary on me would be bloody boring. I sometimes wish I could say I had a sex dungeon downstairs or something. I've still got a mid-life crisis to look forward to."

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