Bjork picky about covers

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 November 2012


Bjork will only let people who do a fresh take on her songs cover them

Bjork will only let certain people cover her songs.

The 'Mutual Core' singer chooses artists she thinks will do a fresh take on her tracks to record their own versions.

She said: "I'm in a protected situation. I've already done my version the way I want it to be. I ask people I already like, it's not like I'm asking just anybody.

"I sometimes compare it to jazz standards. You hear two different versions of 'My Funny Valentine' by Billie Holiday and Miles Davis and neither of them are correct.

"I like the remix platform. There are invisible rules but a lot of freedom."

Bjork also said she'd like to work with dubstep star Skrillex, adding to NME magazine: "The dubstep sounds appeals to me. I like it because it's quite prankster-like, it's trying to surprise you.

"I bumped into Skrillex at a festival. We did talk about maybe doing remixes, so I don't know, but sometimes after a few drinks there's a lot of talk."

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