The Twilight Sad's James Graham shares his Christmas likes and dislikes

The Twilight Sad's James Graham shares his Christmas likes and dislikes

Photo: Michael Gallacher

The singer prefers Maltesers, Christmas jumpers and Chris de Burgh to socks and yellow snow

James likes...

1. Christmas Eve at our local pub, The Swan

We don't really have many band traditions but this is one. We all go to my local pub the Swan on Christmas Eve and get steamin'. The only down side is that it pretty much destroys Christmas day as the hangover is usually pretty hefty and the sight of Christmas dinner makes you want to hurl.

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

My dad looks a bit like Chevy Chase. This is a good film. I like to watch this film every Christmas. Simple as that.

3. Maltesers

I like Maltesers, everybody who knows me knows this. At Christmas I seem to get a lot of Maltesers from people as a gift. One year I hope to get that many Maltesers I can fill my bath with them and jump in it. That's pretty weird, eh? I'm pretty weird.

4. Chris De Burgh – that mad spaceman song [A Spaceman Came Travelling]

I love this song cause it's stupid. Big Chris must have been like, 'I like science fiction, I like Christmas, I think I'll combine the two and write a popular Christmas song… mental!'

5. Christmas jumpers

I've got a few horrendous Christmas jumpers that I like wearing at this time of year. They have to have either snowflakes or reindeers on the front of them. They have to look shite and people have to make fun of you when wearing it.

James dislikes...

1. Socks

One year I made a comment about getting socks as a Christmas present and how shite it would be. Every year since that remark I've received a pair of socks as a Christmas present. Socks can bolt! I want Scalextric or a Buzz Lightyear action figure (it's not a doll, it's an action figure).

2. Yellow snow

It's pish!

3. Talking to people you havent seen in a long time that you don't like

It's also pish!

4. Christmas cards

They are pointless and a waste of paper. I never send them and I disregard any that people send me. I also made this point to my friends/family and since doing so I've received a Christmas card every year from all of them.

5. Santa

Guy's a dick, never got what I wanted.

Chris de Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling

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