Stooshe's debut has 'attitude'

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  • 16 November 2012
Stooshe at the vInspired awards


Stooshe's debut album is "fun" but also has "lots of attitude," reflecting the personalities of the band's three members

Stooshe's debut album is "fun" but also has "lots of attitude".

The 'Love Me' group - Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold - have just put the finishing touches to their debut, released next March, and say it closely reflects their own personalities.

Courtney told The Sun newspaper: "We've worked so hard on it - we were up until late last night adding the finishing touches.

"It's a fun album with lots of attitude and we think our fans will love it.

"It's very representative of us - three girls who live by no rules and do what we want."

The girl group knew they were taking off when they performed at UK festivals this summer and saw how much the crowd coming to see them had grown from the previous year.

Courtney explained: "Last year at Wireless [festival] there were about 10 people watching us. This year there were thousands and thousands.

"At V [festivals], everyone in the tent was singing 'Black Heart' back to us. We didn't have to sing anymore, it was simply amazing.

"That song really launched us. It was all over radio and really suits our voices."

Stooshe were even approached by 'X Factor' boss Simon Cowell at one point, but turned him down as they thought he would stifle their creative streak.

Courtney said: "We wanted creative control. We didn't want to be changed or moulded into something we're not, and we couldn't come to an agreement. But we still respect him. There wasn't any fall-out."

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