Scarlett Bowman: Hollyoaks crash is 'epic'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 November 2012
Scarlett Bowman

Scarlett Bowman

Actress Scarlett Bowman has revealed the dramatic bus crash on 'Hollyoaks' will be unlike anything the show has ever seen

Scarlett Bowman thinks the 'Hollyoaks' bus crash will be "epic".

The blonde actress - who plays superbitch Maddie Morrison on the Channel 4 soap - is looking forward to watching her on-screen alter ego cause chaos by ploughing into the upcoming double wedding ceremony.

Scarlett exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's going to be epic, it really is. It was a dramatic week of stunts, I even had a stunt double because they did such phenomenal stunts. It's going to be a real spectacular, dramatic week.

"I'd say it's the most dramatic stunt there's ever been on the show, there's fires and explosions and minibuses flipping. It's really cool - I haven't even seen it myself yet, I can't wait."

The soap star was left petrified on set by the explosion because she didn't expect the blaze to be so loud and felt emotionally shaken by the tragic scene.

Scarlett explained: "I'm facing away from the explosion and the thing goes off, the sound is just petrifying. It just goes straight through you! I couldn't see it, but I just felt this heat on my back.

"You're really there in the mix of everything and all the emotions are sort of heightened. You're sort of in this little bubble of drama."

Scarlett also confessed she loves playing the school bully despite fans of the show being rude to her in the streets, but is convinced there is more to Maddie than her mean attitude.

She said: "People struggle to differentiate between the character and myself. I guess it's hard to differentiate because she's so mean, but it's just a character!

"It's great because she's so moody and she's got so many different facades, it's exhausting keeping up with her myself. It'd be nice to see a softer side to her and to see her being something more than an absolute cow. There's definitely more to her!"

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