Bradford, Gjerstad, Haker Flaten, Nilssen-Love - Kampen (4 stars)

Bradford, Gjerstad, Haker Flaten, Nilssen-Love - Kampen

Cornettist Bobby Bradford collaborates with Norwegian trio on a thrilling past-into-future session

An inspired summit between 78-year-old West Coast cornettist Bobby Bradford and the younger Norwegian trio of clarinettist and alto player Frode Gjerstad, bassist Ingebrit Haker Flater and sticksman Paal Nilssen-Love.

The session has a thrilling past-into-future feel, with Bradford applying Big Band-era wah effects and vocalisations to an avant-garde harmonic sensibility. Gjerstad is a brilliant foil, and Haker Flaten and Nilssen-Love, two-thirds of punk-jazzers The Thing, really swing here, combining hard bop and New Thing moves with lateral thinking and extended technique.

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