Umberto - Night Has a Thousand Screams (3 stars)

Umberto - Night Has a Thousand Screams

A suffocating horror-synth soundtrack imbued with a ponderous sense of dread

Matt Hill’s suffocating horror synth score was first premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival last year. The List was there and set as the backdrop to 80s hacksploitation flick, Pieces, it brought a palpable sense of menace and claustrophobia to an otherwise routine, gore-filled bit of slasher ephemera.

Shorn of the accompanying images, this soundtrack still manages to conjure up a ponderous sense of dread, with portentous, glistening synth figures and eerie washes of sound. On his previous two long players for Not Not Fun in his Umberto guise, Hill was only tethered to a notional film created in his own head, and perhaps that allowed him certain freedoms that he did not have here. That said, this album further confirms his stature as a brilliant synth cineaste, in the Carpenter/Howarth mould.

The Investigation - Umberto

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