S-Type - Billboard (3 stars)

S-Type - Billboard

A dancefloor-friendly and painfully promising EP from the LuckyMe producer

Another product of the extended family tree of hip hop-obsessed Scots music producers, which bred Hudson Mohawke amongst others, S-Type (the solo project of 25-year-old Bobby Perman) is a natural fit for LuckyMe. This, his label debut EP for them, is a dancefloor-friendly and painfully promising set of six cleanly-produced tracks laced with effervescent hooks and a bit of sharp-edged humour.

Tracks like the title song and ‘Flyp City’ are pieces of futurist R&B which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kanye record had tens of thousands of extra dollars been spent on them, while ‘Whole Lotta’ bears a booty-obsessed hint of the Wu-Tang. Kudos also for cribbing Joe Esposito’s Karate Kid-soundtracking ‘You’re the Best’ for his radical rework ‘You Da Best’.


The scene setting taste makers at Glasgow record label/art collective LuckyMe head over to Edinburgh for more hip hop, dubstep, nu wave, house, 80s soul and funky abstract beats.

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