Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion (3 stars)

Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion

A meandering listen characterised more by great moments than great songs

He’s one dude making woozy, wobbly electronic music on his Mac, but that’s about where the similarities end between Dayve Hawk and oft filed-next-to peers like Com Truise and Carpark label mate Toro Y Moi.

His third album as Memory Tapes sees the rural New Jerseyian discard ‘any ideas about genre, format or even song structure’. The resulting set floats freely between the lines of dream pop and space rock, in a pretty if mildly befuddling state aptly captured in its title.

Comprising six tracks lasting approximately four to eight minutes apiece, it’s a meandering listen characterised more by great moments – the peeling soft-synth stabs in ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, or the darting guitar solo that surfs the crest of ‘Thru The Field’ – rather than necessarily great songs.

Memory Tapes - Sheila

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