X-tg - Desertshore / The Final Report (3 stars)

X-tg - Desertshore / The Final Report

A double-album tribute to Nico from ex-Throbbing Gristle members

The late Peter Christopherson’s idea of a tribute to Nico’s seminal, hair-raising solo album Desertshore dates back to 2006 with his old Throbbing Gristle cohorts Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, who completed the project on his behalf. Despite Chris and Cosey’s solid production and an array of famous vocal guests, Desertshore sadly comes across as industrial vaudeville.

Cosey’s gentler vocal contributions and Marc Almond’s version of ‘The Falconer’ stand in stark contrast to other guest vocalists who appear out of their element, such as Sasha Grey and her sleepy mumblings and an FX-ridden Gaspar Noé mess.

Thankfully, the vastly superior instrumental half of this double LP salvages this as a formidable yet relatively positive send-off for this trio of friends.

Desertshore / The Final Report teaser 1

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