Five things you might not know about Little Britain

1 After the first transmission of Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out in 1990, Matt Lucas was one of 17 callers to bombard the Channel 4 switchboard to complain about the show. A couple of editions later and he was hooked. All was clearly forgiven when Lucas was given the gig as the drummer on Shooting Stars. ‘He’s a baby’ and so forth.

2 If you’ve ever thought that Walliams was an odd surname, you’d be right. David actually changed it from his real name (Williams) to get this Equity card.

3 Porridge and lemonade are the main ingredients used for the Women’s Institute vomit.

4 A man called Stephen Ireland burst into tears when his attempt to get a bank card at a popular high street branch was met with a bank teller repeating Little Britain catchphrases (mainly ‘computer says no’ and ‘yeah but no but’). When he made a complaint by phone, the advisor burst into laughter. It has to be said that judging by the photos that appeared in the press at the time, Mr Ireland looks remarkably like Matt Lucas in his Daffyd guise.

5 In The Guardian’s comedy photo special in September, the pair posed as the famous Athena poster, L’Enfant in which Walliams cradled Lucas in his arms. It was, quite literally, as disturbing as it gets.

Playhouse, Edinburgh, Tue 14 Nov.

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