Fuelfest theatre festival at Glasgow Tramway

Fuelfest theatre at Tramway

The Simple Things in Life / credit: Susanne Dietz

Work from David Rosenberg, Lewis Gibson, Inua Ellams and The Simple Things in Life

Since 2004, theatre company Fuel has worked with a range of artists – from the exiled Belarus Free Theatre to Perrier Award winner Will Adamsdale – to produce challenging and exciting theatre for global audiences. And in 2012, the company has brought together a range of their current shows to create Fuelfest, which began in Liverpool in March and takes up residence at Tramway in November.

'We work with a really exciting range of different artists and have a number of shows available to tour at any one time,' says Fuel producer Christina Elliot. 'The idea behind Fuelfest was to take these shows to a venue and group them under a festival banner so audiences can make the link between shows, and hopefully come and see something they might not otherwise have chosen.'

Fuelfest's programme includes three plays: Ring, by Shunt co-founder David Rosenberg, Make Better Please by Lewis Gibson and Uninvited Guests, and Black T-Shirt Collection by Inua Ellams. There's also two digital installations, two sheds from The Simple Things in Life – the site specific work first performed at Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens in 2011 – and even a launch party featuring Miaoux Miaoux.

The company plan to tour Fuelfest – it's already slated for Bristol's Old Vic in Spring 2013 – to open up new audiences for Fuel's work across the country. And Elliot is excited to see how audiences in Glasgow will react.

'It's not just a series of shows in theatres,' she explains. 'Ring is an experience that takes place in complete darkness, and the audience listens to what's happening on headphones. Make Better Please is a really unusual example of audience participation in that the show is about news stories that have been chosen by the audience members on that day. Hopefully anyone who's interested in new theatre will have a really good time.'

Tramway, Glasgow, Tue 20–Sun 25 Nov

The Simple Things in Life

Five different artists, brought together by Fuel Theatre, present short experiences celebrating life's simple pleasures: from a good book to a garden shed.


Enter a pitch-black room and put on a headset to experience this eerie sound piece, created by director David Rosenberg, writer Glen Neath and musicians/sound artists Ben and Max Ringham. Ages 16+.

Black T-Shirt Collection

A Fringe First-winning show from young British-Nigerian theatre maker Inua Ellams, telling the story of two brothers who start a global t-shirt brand.

Inua Ellams: Writing Workshop

Ellams, creator of the award-winning show Black T-Shirt Collection (playing tonight at the Tramway) shares his considerable skills in character creation.

Body Pods

Drop in to the foyer to listen to a series of podcasts made by artists and scientists, exploring the workings of different parts of the body.

Make Better Please

Gather together with Uninvited Guests and Lewis Gibson to discuss the issues of the day at an interactive performance that is part town hall meeting, part radio broadcast, part public protest. Each show draws on the day's news and is driven by audience concerns.

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