Rob Rouse discusses his comedy heroes

Rob Rouse discusses his comedy heroes

Tommy Cooper, Vic Reeves, Bill Hicks and Bill Burr are among the English comic's inspirations

As a kid I have early memories of me and my dad watching Morecambe and Wise and Tommy Cooper, and I remember when Cooper died on stage on TV which was essentially watching a comic die with his boots on. And then I remember the first advert for Vic Reeves' Big Night Out on a black and white portable TV and he’s there in his white suit saying, ‘Watch me, Vic Reeves Big Night Out, on Friday night’ and I’m thinking, ‘I’m there mate, I’m there.’ I devoured that and at school I became a Vic Reeves bore, but they’ve always made me shit with laughter. And even the older they’ve got they still do it to me. They’ve clearly just waited for the world to either catch up on them or fall behind. For comics who really got to me it was Vic and Bob, there was something very rebellious about them.

Later, my mate Neil used to get videos of Bill Hicks and as a teenager that was fascinating. I think people forget that he was a clown at heart but he had it all; he was precociously good as a boy and he got gradually more angry with the world that he saw and didn’t hold back to try and be commercial. He opened my head up to more American comedy like Richard Pryor and I now love Louis CK and Bill Burr, who does a fantastic routine about Apple in front of a big theatre who probably all had an iPhone in their pockets. He’s making people laugh while feeling very uncomfortable.

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