Rilo Kiley (2 stars)

Rilo Kiley

Under the Blacklight (Warners)


Rilo Kiley’s last album and singer Jenny Lewis’s subsequent solo debut both contained a handful of indie-country stonewall classics, but this lacklustre and scattershot offering shows none of the same spark, despite Lewis’ ever-wonderful and expressive voice. More eclectic than previous outings, Under the Blacklight attempts everything from Latino rock to disco, soul to surf rock, with wildly varying results. ‘The Moneymaker’ at least struts along with some soulful sass, and ‘Breakin’ Up’ has a passable dancefloor sheen, but these are the best of a bad bunch, frankly. The rest is either indie filler or, worse, embarrassingly half-baked and soulless forays into random genres.

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