Daniel Sloss on having a darker sense of humour and what the future holds

Daniel Sloss on having a darker sense of humour and what the future holds

Photo: Trudy Stade

For those who see Daniel Sloss on stage and think he’s a lovely boy, you might have to think again. The 22-year-old Fifer has a dark side that he has yet to fully unleash upon an adoring fanbase that seems to be getting larger every year. ‘On the circuit, I think I’m in the top 5% of people with the darkest sense of humour but I just don’t say my darkest stuff on stage,’ he reveals. ‘When someone insults me, I can instantly find their insecurities and prod and probe and take them down and make them cry. It makes me feel awesome but doesn’t make me feel good. It’s a horrible superpower to have, but it comes in handy at nightclubs. As Peter Parker’s uncle once said, with great power comes great responsibility.’

As his debut DVD, recorded at Glasgow King’s, proves, Sloss is clearly still growing as a comic and to many viewers would be largely unrecognisable from the fresh-faced teenager (he’s not exactly looking bedraggled these days, though he has lost his ‘Bieber hair’) who stormed onto the Scottish comedy arena. ‘I’m a fifth of the comic that I will be when I’m 35 and I love that,’ he states. ‘I look back on shows now and hate the show from the previous year. I can’t wait to hate this show, which I am very proud of at the moment. It’s the opposite of footballers because comedians peak just before they go senile.’

Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 27 Nov; Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Sun 9 Dec.

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