Swimmer One (4 stars)

Swimmer One

The Regional Variations (Biphonic Records)


There’s a lot of idiotic soulless electro pop around, so it’s a good job that Swimmer One are here to redress the balance. This stunning debut effort more than meets expectations raised by the Edinburgh and Glasgow-based duo’s promising set of single releases, and might just be the find of the year for the as-yet uninitiated. Kicking off with the mighty force of ‘Drowning Nightmare 1’’s soaring melody and anthemic fan favourite ‘Largs Hum’, The Regional Variations combines catchy choruses with minimal beats, atmospheric soundscapes and some incredibly original subject matter. Like a stripped-down Scottish Pet Shop Boys without the funny hats or a more melancholy synth-based Pulp, Swimmer One’s brilliance should be shouted from the rooftops.

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