Crate Digging: DJ Yoda

Crate Digging: DJ Yoda

The fast-paced cut-and-paste master shares some of his favourite tunes ahead of his slot at Pressure

I’ll start with Kanye West ‘I Don’t Like’ (Mercury). My love/hate relationship with hip hop continues, but I’m pretty much always interested in what Kanye is doing. His newest stuff is bang on trend in terms of the current sound of rap music, but still sounds like Kanye. Love it.

My favourite drum & bass is the dancehall-inspired stuff from the early 90s. Top Cat ‘Roughest Gunark (DJ Rap remix)' (Jungle Fashion Records) is pretty typical of that sound, and I can’t think of anything that Top Cat is on that doesn’t sound amazing.

It’s no secret that I love my 80s pop! Dug out the Actually album recently, and Pet Shop Boys ‘Rent’ (Parlophone) jumped out. I made a trap style remix of it [see below]. Talking of trap music, this sounds great to play in the club at the moment, and Loudpvck & gLAdiator ‘Scaley’ (Trap-A-Holics) is a particularly good one. Works better in a club than off laptop speakers, by the way.

The whole Kid Koala 12 Bit Blues (Ninja Tune) album is amazing, a scratch DJ using blues samples to create something really original-sounding. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kid Koala, he brings a very human element to DJing that I think is missing from a lot of other DJs.

Everything he does is really good fun and the video for Afrikan Boy ‘Amala Azonto’ (Man Recordings) is as good as the track. I was really hoping he’d bring this element to my own album [Chop Suey], and he totally smashed it on ‘Rudies’, rapping about Ribena and the like!

DJ Yoda joins Slam, Green Velvet, Maya Janes Coles, Paul Ritch (live), Norman Nodge, Animal Farm and Vitamins at Pressure’s 14th birthday, the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 30 Nov.

Kanye West - I Don't Like ft. Pusha T, Chief Keef, Jadakiss & Big Sean (G3 Cover)

Top Cat - Ruffest Gun Ark (DJ Rap Mix)

DJ Yoda - Rent Trap


Kid Koala - 12 Bit Blues minimix

Afrikan Boy - Amala Azonto (feat. Dotstar) OFFICIAL VIDEO


More techno action from Slam featuring some big-name guests.

DJ Yoda

Cut up hip hop, beats, 80s and movies from cut-and-paste mixmaster Yoda.

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