M_nus signing Matador gets ready for guest slot at Kapital

M_nus signing Matador gets ready for guest slot at Kapital

The minimal techno DJ discusses getting signed to Richie Hawtin's high-powered label

The production line that is Richie Hawtin’s M_nus label just keeps on churning them out, with one of the latest signings being Matador, aka Dublin’s Gavin Lynch. With a few releases under his belt already (he started DJing 12 years ago, then went to college to discover how tracks were made), the EPs Kingswing and Spooks for Hawtin this year have launched his career up a significant notch.

‘My first break came from my still good friend Ali Wells at Perc,’ says Lynch by email. ‘I remixed for PercTrax initially and then released a series of original EPs, that’s where it all started. From there I worked very hard to bring my sound on and develop it.

‘The big break was of course signing to M_nus, and writing material strong enough was the challenge. Like my old college head used to tell us, “cream will always rise to the top”, so if your tracks are good enough they’ll find a way of getting into the right hands. Be patient!’

He still lives in Dublin after 12 years, a city he professes to love while pointing out that ‘it’s great for studio work because of the limited options for going out partying, to gigs and of course the ridiculous closing time of 2.30am.’ Yet his deep, dark minimal sound wouldn’t be out of place in the after-hours basements of Detroit or Berlin. ‘I like to think all my tracks have a decent hook in them,’ he says, not unreasonably. ‘Something to grab onto, an emotion, a riff. Without that I find it very difficult to get past the loop stage.’

Kapital at the Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 30 Nov.


A good helping of stripped-down techno.