The Proclaimers (4 stars)

The Proclaimers

Life With You (W14)


With the Comic Relief single and a musical based on their songs, 2007 has already been a great year for The Proclaimers, and this consummately crafted and soulful album can only add to their wide grins.

Title track ‘Life With You’ is as big and blustery a singalong classic as any of their hit singles, and it kicks off an album which sees the Reid brothers blending the personal and political with typical gusto. It’s no easy trick tackling complex emotions and topics in simple, effective lyrics, but time and again, from the coruscating ‘S-O-R-R-Y’ to the plaintive ‘Harness Pain’, The Proclaimers nail it every time.


1. RichardW13 Feb 2008, 2:36am Report

"Harness Pain" is a superb piece of music. "Life with You" is a marvellous album - so much passion in the music, so much variation in style, tempo etc. - The Proclaimers are seriously under-rated in my opinion.

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