Seth Casteel - Underwater Dogs (3 stars)

Seth Casteel - Underwater Dogs

A frankly terrifying photography collection documenting submerged hounds

When you see pictures of humans in underwater scenes, they usually have their hair stuck fast to the skull and look as though they are about to implode. It’s a moment when we can look at our most vulnerable and, frankly, weird. In the wet universe of Seth Casteel’s book, the canines of his world are a damn frightening bunch, gnashers bared as they appear to go on the attack for a tennis ball or a camera operator.

This doggy transformation (from a human’s faithful best buddy to a snarling scary creature of the deep) is the inspiration behind Casteel’s collection when he recognised the ability of a dog to tap into their more primitive, wilder side when far away (usually) from prying people-eyes.

This should really be a recommended buy for dog lovers everywhere but the potential for the images within waking you in the middle of the night in a cold sweat is strong. Maybe it’s best purchased if you have a cat in the neighbourhood you want to spook.

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