Comedian Susan Morrison gives a preview of Previously... Scotland’s History Festival

Comedian Susan Morrison gives a preview of Previously... Scotland’s History Festival

History is about people like you and me. Stumbling through life, trying not to muck up too much, and usually failing. And today, we all live with the effects of the choices people have made in the past. It’s gossip that’s fermented a little longer.

What if someone had pulled Mary Queen of Scots to one side and said, ‘Listen, yer madge, that Darnley is a serious tosser. None of the other girls at court fancy him – not even Ugly Maggie and she’s so desperate she’d shag a one-legged leper?’ Mary might not have married him, thus avoiding a long chain of events, which will ultimately lead to us voting in the coming years for or against a Union that was created by Darnley and Mary’s son.

The second festival of history aims to keep on trucking and capitalise on the huge success of last year’s debut (239 events and over 5000 visitors. Oh, yes – I can do stats), highlighting the world-class history we have in this tiny little country. We’ve got more drama, excitement and full-on shenanigans than five Jeremy Kyle episodes.

Discover the history of your own family with the help of the Scotland’s People workshops (Leith Library, 14, 19, 20, 26 & 27 Nov). Find out why swearing was so hot at the court of James IV with The Flyting in Mary King’s Close (The Real Mary King’s Close, 23 Nov), or take a look at historian Neil Oliver up close (and see if his hair is really as shiny as it looks on TV) during his talk on the Vikings (George Square Theatre, 21 Nov). There are insights into the history of whisky (WHISKI Rooms Shop, 15 & 16 & 22 & 23 Nov) and several tours of galleries, museums and hidden areas around the city, full details of which can be found at the festival website.

Various venues, Edinburgh, Tue 13–Fri 30 Nov.

Previously … Scotland's History Festival

Previously brings Scotland's history to life in a packed programme of talks, walks, tours, teas, activities, debates, exhibitions, theatre, comedy, art, photography, family history, film, open days and much more that will appeal to all ages.

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