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It’s Autumn again and, as ever, there are a sack full of new singles struggling to squeeze into limited radio rotation spots like fat men caught in a revolving door.

Just as scientists have a tough time predicting natural disasters, gauging how successful a James Blunt comeback will be is a tricky business. As hard as Mr Blunt has worked on sounding convincingly melancholy, ‘1973’ (Atlantic) • possesses about as much feeling as a shrinkwrapped ready meal, and it would be deeply worrying for the nation’s collective soul if it clings to the chart summit like last time around.

After this mildly traumatic start there are some of the more middling participants in this frantic seasonal stampede. Squashed against the sides is UK rapper Example with the disappointing ‘So Many Roads’ (The Beats/679) ••. By taking the gamble of sampling The Carpenter’s ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ his tight delivery ends up drowning under thick fromage, the production ambling about like a confused Kanye West cast-off wearing a shell suit. Giddy on both style and stupidity Does it Offend You Yeah?’s ‘Let’s Make Out’ (Virgin) ••• is similarly underwhelming but bawls about with enough energy to almost compensate for the singer’s mall punk sneer. Better though is Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘That’s the Way’ (Reprise) •••. He may have lost half of his band mates but Billy Corgan’s reformed outfit come far closer to capturing the soaring sound of their first three albums than his more recent efforts.

Luckily however, here to fully rebalance the scales of musical karma after Blunt’s crimes are Brighton’s The Go! Team with a soothing tonic of Motown-tinged chanting on ‘Doing it Right’ (Memphis Industries) ••••. It’s just a shame that its even better B-side ‘Milk Crisis’ wasn’t the lead single. Matching them for raw enthusiasm are Bonde Do Role with the baile funk Super Mario stylings of ‘Solta O Frango’ (Domino) ••••, a track so undeniably catchy it could probably induce a fit of foot tapping at a Conservative Party conference. In a tight finish it’s this theoretical ability to get middle-aged politicians to shake their rumpa that sees the Brazillians snatch the Single of the Fortnight crown.

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