Hollyoaks: Rhys and Jacqui split

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  • 12 November 2012
Andrew Moss

Andrew Moss

'Hollyoaks' couple Rhys and Jacqui Ashworth will call it quits as the dramatic 'Enjoy The Ride' bus crash storyline comes to a head

'Hollyoaks' favourites Rhys and Jacqui Ashworth will split for good.

Rhys' secret affair with bride-to-be Cindy Cunningham will be exposed in the dramatic 'Enjoy The Ride' bus crash storyline on the Channel 4 soap when he is forced to turn up at Cindy and Tony's wedding against his will - and actor Andrew Moss, who plays the love rat, says it is the last time the troubled couple will be together.

Andrew exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "'He's decided that he's ready to move on. Myra says she'll help him run away if he doesn't break her daughter's heart.

"She says, 'You need to go to this wedding with her', because she'd be mortified if he didn't turn up and then found out. Myra forces him to go to the wedding and they're both sat there - it's the last time that they're together as a couple."

The actor remained cryptic as to whether Rhys' plans will be foiled by the tragic crash, but revealed he is furious at his alter-ego for ruining his relationship with feisty Jacqui (Claire Cooper).

Andrew sighed: "As an actor, I'm really sad about it because we invested so much into the Rhys and Jacqui relationship. They were the odd couple that should have never worked, but opposites attract and they found common ground.

"He stuck by her though the rape ordeal, so to ruin it all by blooming cheating on her... I'm so annoyed at Rhys!"

Despite their relationship "definitely" being over, Andrew hasn't ruled out the possibility of the fan-favourite couple getting back together in the future.

He confessed: "I hope they get back together because he's in deep love with Jacqui. We've just seen it go stale and him fall out of love with her purely because of what she does.

"She's got such a big heart; she runs the McQueen house, she's taken in a stray, Phoebe, and she's kind of creating this little nest for them that Rhys isn't ready for. Maybe if it happened five years down the line... I'm holding out hope that one day they could get back together."

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