Steven Tyler reformed Aerosmith to get out of record contract

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  • 12 November 2012
Steven Tyler

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler got Aerosmith together to make new album 'Music from Another Dimension!' - their first studio LP since 2004's 'Honkin' on Bobo' - to free the band from their record contract

Steven Tyler wanted to make new Aerosmith album 'Music from Another Dimension!' to free them from their record label.

The singer wanted to leave Sony records so he can record a solo album, but his contract prevented him from singing outside of his band, so he knew he had to get them together and in the studio, despite them falling out while he was a judge on reality TV show 'America Idol'.

Steven - who is joined in Aerosmith by Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford - said: "At first I think the band was mad at me for doing 'Idol', but at the time I was feeling great. I started writing these songs and it felt so good. But I started feeling pressure from my label, who said that if you want to go solo - and I did - you gotta get off Sony first, you gotta do one more album [with Aerosmith]."

Steven, 64, put in a call to producer Jack Douglas, and promised he would get the rest of the band sober and in a good state to record.

He added to the new issue of Classic Rock magazine: "I called him up and said, 'Listen, Joe's still high, but we've got to do this. And Jack joined forces. He's the sixth member of the band. I just thought, whatever we do, whatever we've got, we've got to do this album and get off Sony. And I knew Jack would do it.

"So I called Joe and Brad and Tom and Joey. I said, 'I promise you, Joey, we'll get a song a day. Brad, Tom, I promise you, and we can start this album off by all of us having songs that we wrote on it. I knew that would tweak their dial."

'Music from Another Dimension!' is out now and is the band's first studio LP since 2004's 'Honkin' on Bobo'.

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