Rihanna: every track on Unapologetic has meaning

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  • 9 November 2012


Rihanna says every track on her seventh album, 'Unapologetic', "means something" to her, and she chose 'Diamonds' as the first single because of its "hopeful" tone

Rihanna says every track on 'Unapologetic' "means something" to her.

The singer put her heart into the songs for her seventh album and chose the track 'Diamonds' as the lead single because it is "hopeful" and sets the right tone for the album.

She told MTV: "It was the right powerful record. It was hopeful. It was also different from what people are used to hearing from me. It was a song that meant something, and that's the whole theme throughout the album."

The singer collaborated with Anthony Mandler on the video for 'Diamonds' - after working with him on the clips for many of her other tracks including 'Hate That I Love You', 'Disturbia' and 'Russian Roulette' - and chose him because he could convey the right visuals to complement the emotions in the song.

She added: "With every song it's a different story, so the visuals are very specific to that story and that world. With 'Diamonds,' it was just a series of vignettes that we put together to help get the emotion across throughout the song because the song changes and it builds, and there's no real way that you could do that.

"You just want people to feel that and I wanted little cutaways of interactions that would give you the right emotion."

'Unapologetic' is released on November 19.


Sassy pop and R&B packed with attitude from the multi-award-winning Barbadian singer actress, who has topped the UK charts again and again with hits including 'Umbrella', 'Only Girl (In The World)', 'We Found Love' and 'Diamonds.'

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