Hollyoaks set for biggest ever stunt

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  • 9 November 2012
Andrew Moss

Andrew Moss

'Hollyoaks' actor Andrew Moss admits the upcoming bus crash storyline will be the most exciting and dramatic the show has ever seen

The bus crash in 'Hollyoaks' will be the most dramatic stunt the show has ever seen.

Andrew Moss - who plays love rat Rhys Ashworth on the E4 soap - says the forthcoming explosion, when a vehicle driven

by Maddie Morrison (Scarlet Bowman) crashes into the double wedding ceremony, is like nothing the show has done before.

The actor exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's definitely got to be the biggest stunt ever because it's not only a bus crash, it's a roof collapse, it's an explosion. When 'Hollyoaks' do the stunt weeks it's usually only about the stunts, but this time we've also got these little stories going on and they all climax at the same time. Everyone's story is about to be blown up - and then everything literally blows up!"

Andrew revealed shooting the tragic bus crash was a thrill, but the result - which will cause at least two fatalities - will be chilling and "harrowing" to watch.

He enthused: "Oh my gosh it's the most exciting thing I've been involved in 'Hollyoaks' in the last seven years, it's so good. As the bus comes though the wall, Rhys is in the line of fire so he's one of the first to take a hit out of everyone.

"I was there for the whole two weeks of filming, a week of which I literally lay on the ground for 15 hours a day. In the end we had to put a wetsuit on me under my suit because the weather was against us! It was very harrowing, very hard and very cold."

The actor admitted his relationship with Jacqui is on the rocks and the truth will come out on the day of the weddings, changing the face of the show forever.

Andrew hinted: "The love square between Rhys, Jaqui, Cindy and Tony will all come out as the explosion unfolds.

"He's just got to get through whatever happens to him. Everyone's just got to build their lives around the crash."

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