The Arches, Glasgow, Sun 9 Sep


Once in a while we all need to try something new . . . and no one knows this better than Dan Snaith. The chap otherwise known as Caribou was forced to embrace change in 2004 when ancient rocker Richard ‘Handsome Dick’ Manitoba filed a lawsuit forcing him to ditch his musical moniker, lifted from the Canadian province, and for his stunning fourth release Andorra, the Canadian ex-pat is singing throughout for the first time, was created using a completely new method.

‘I wanted every track to be a song,’ he explains from his London home. ‘I don’t mean in terms of lyrics, I just mean the way the melodies develop. I wanted verses and choruses. That’s something I had never tried before.’

Taking inspiration from ‘music that packs an emotional punch’ by everyone from The Zombies to Ariel Pink, Wire, James Holden and Animal Collective, Snaith’s latest work is his most personal to date and he can’t wait to gauge reactions to the release in a live setting.

‘Making a record is a very solitary thing, and since finishing this one I have been really eager to get out there and play it to people,’ he says. ‘The show has always been about making everything as loud and overwhelming as possible, just a real sensory overload.

‘We’re particularly excited about Glasgow,’ he adds. ‘One time after playing a crazy Halloween show there our van got spray painted while we were driving down the street. There’s a feeling at Glasgow gigs that anything could happen and I like that.’

Caribou and Nanobots

Aka Dan Snaith, a psychedelic electronica artist from Ontario, who used to go by the name Manitoba.

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