The Ivy, Glasgow, Sat 15 Sep


‘My background is in more orchestral music and cinematic stuff,’ says Los Angeles electronicist Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus. ‘So my recording for Ninja Tune is an attempt to marry their dance aesthetic to what I normally do; to incorporate a rawness which I would usually try to smooth out. I don’t know whether I succeeded or failed, but I guess people will decide that soon enough.’

From what The List has heard, it definitely sounds like a success. On the new EP Fair Weather Friends, Darlington has managed to create one of those pleasing records that would work on the dancefloor, yet which also contains enough texture to reward a listen in the privacy of your own bedroom. It’s very Ninja Tune, in other words, which isn’t surprising given how Darlington started out.

‘I began by really earnestly playing double bass in college jazz groups, until I learned that jazz is just another series of intricate rules which have their own restrictions. So I floated away from that and into electronic music, which seemed limitless. That’s not to say it is, but it has textural and tonal freedom, and many more possibilities.’

Perhaps it’s this search for different possibilities which also sees Daedelus dress up as a Victorian dandy onstage?

‘My wife and I like the stylistic ideas of the Victorian era,’ he says. ‘I began to play out like that because I realised that people prefer it to the plainclothes version of me. Besides, I also identify with the dandy ideal that everything you do is art.’

Which is all fair enough, but maybe he should ditch the costume before he walks the streets of Glasgow.


Melodic electronica from LA artist Daedelus, aka Alfred Darlington, who favours the Victorian dandy look.

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