The Go! Team

The Go! Team

ABC, Glasgow, Fri 14 Sep


The Go! Team have always ploughed a lonely, if thrilling, furrow. When the Brighton six-piece outfit’s debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, exploded in our faces in 2004, it was a joyful, irrepressible record which sailed in the opposite direction from the prevailing tides of miserable, white-boy indie rock.

That album was nominated for a Mercury, and the band’s outrageously fun and ridiculously daft performance at the awards ceremony made the rest of the contenders look like the joyless goons they are.

‘A magazine like NME doesn’t want to put us on the front cover, cos we’ve got girls in the band,’ says outspoken frontwoman, cheerleader and all-round rabble-rouser Ninja. ‘They think indie bands have to be scruffy boys with too much hair gel and skinny jeans who do drugs and drink loads. We don’t fit into that, so we don’t get the support we deserve.’

The band are set to unleash the follow-up, Proof of Youth, another scintillating mash up of 70s TV theme tunes, hip hop, funk, soul, rock and car chase music. Listening to it, you can’t help thinking The Go! Team should be prescribed for people suffering depression, because it’s the musical equivalent of Prozac.

While the debut album was the brainchild of musical lynchpin Ian Parton, this time round the band contributed much more, having spent two years solid on the road together.

‘After all that touring we six had six months completely off, just dedicated to recording,’ explains Ninja. ‘This record is still based around Ian’s musical influences, but the band got involved much more in the recording side. It was great fun.’

Which can also be said for experiencing The Go! Team live. Listening to the records doesn’t prepare you for the full-on, clattering mayhem of the band’s gigs. With two drummers, an onslaught of rock guitars, keyboards and funky samples, and Ninja leading from the front, it can be a jaw-dropping experience.

‘We’re a very chaotic band, and there’s so much going on that we don’t expect any show to be perfect,’ Ninja laughs. ‘We always have loads of things going wrong, things break, and I seem to get hurt in every show. But it’s worth it.’

The Go! Team

Sonic Youth meet the Jackson 5 plus all points in between pop up during the Mercury Music Prize-nominated Go! Team's celebratory patchwork set.

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