Brian Friedman misses X Factor

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  • 8 November 2012
Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman

Brian Freedman has admitted he misses the UK 'X Factor' so much since moving to the US version that he still watches the show and critiques it every week

Brian Friedman can't stop critiquing the 'X Factor' even though he no longer works on the show.

The choreographer left the UK version to take over as creative director of the US series but he still watches every week and admits he wasn't surprised when Jade Ellis was recently voted out because he was unimpressed with the staging of her performance.

Speaking at the 'X Factor' finalists party in Los Angeles on Monday (05.11.12), he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's sad but exciting. I really miss it over there, I've been following the show since I left but I have to go where duty calls.

I've been watching the UK version and I find myself critiquing it. I loved what they did with Rylan Clarke last week, I was so excited. But then the week before, I saw something that Jade Ellis did and I wouldn't have done that and she went home that week so my senses were correct. It's hard as a creative type to watch anything without a critical eye especially something you've worked on."

Brian also admitted he is missing Louis Walsh as the Irish judge is renowned for choosing novelty acts, such as previous contestants Jedward, who are always fun to work with.

He added: "I miss the novelty type acts that Louis is famous for, they're so much fun to work with but the thing I do love about here is that even the novelty type acts can still sing. Look at Jason Brock, he has an amazing voice but he still wants that spectacle."

'The X Factor: USA' airs on ITV2 Thursday (08.11.12) from 8 - 10pm.

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