A night to remember for the Klaxons

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  • 5 September 2007

Klaxons scooped the Album of the Year accolade at the Mercury awards last night, after Amy Winehouse made a surprise return to the stage.

The singer, whose Back to Black album was tipped to win the top prize, was bettered by the ‘nu rave’ act, with judges claiming the album takes us “on an ecstatic musical adventure”.

Together just two years, the debut album from the Klaxons, Myths of the Near Future, is described as a mix of high energy rock, indie and dance music.

Keyboard player James Righton said: “This means so much to much to us. Last year we were recording the album and watched Arctic Monkeys take this award. We are the band pushing music’s foundations.

“I think the front cover best describes the record. It’s a collage of different ideas squeezed into 37 minutes. It’s a weird pop record that’s not about a place or a girl or a nine-to-five job. We just write escapist, melodic pop about the things which aren’t usually seen in the pop genre.”

The Mercury Music Prize is £20,000, but worth more in terms of album sales and exposure for the winning act.


Mercury Prize-winners with a blaring ravey indie sound.

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