Epic fail: Fireworks all going off at once

Epic fail: When fireworks go wrong

Technical hitches can lead to a fireworks display more spectacular than planned

The absurdity of Guy Fawkes Night / Fireworks Night / Bonfire Night is quite something. Celebrating the foiling of a plot against the British establishment with a ritual that injects millions into the economy can appear somewhat absurd. But then, what's not to love about fireworks?

The 5th of November is never without technical hitches however. There's always a community display where a technical error leads to the carefully programmed 'choreography' intended to take the audience on a rollercoaster journey of sound and light instead becoming a single massive explosion of armageddon proportions that turns night into day.

Here, we collect footage of some recent flash-in-the-pan displays.

Oban 2011

A display intended to last 30 minutes, lasted around 1 minute instead due to a technical error. What a minute though.

Austin 2003

Putting the fireworks on a barge is still no guarantee of safety, as this clip shows. Even the person filming this epic decides that no amount of YouTube views is worth injury.

Oxgangs, Edinburgh 2012

2012's bonfire night saw the small community of Oxgangs, Edinburgh stage a local display in which a myriad of fireworks went off simultaneously, prompting a number of people to flee the scene. Oddly, one person stays.

San Diego 2012

Not just the sight of total spectacle, but the sound of it too.

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