Johnny Marr's 'homesick' record

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  • 5 November 2012
Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr's debut solo album, 'The Messenger', is inspired by being "homesick"

Johnny Marr's solo album is inspired by being "homesick".

The guitarist is releasing 'The Messenger' next year and says it draws from his younger years when he travelled across the world as a musician.

He said: "The underlying idea of the record is my experience of growing up in Europe.

"When you're away from your home city you're more compelled to write about it, whether that's because you're homesick or you've got more objectivity, I don't know.

"Growing up in the city influences you, and I've continued to see, stories and energy in it."

Johnny, 49, plays guitar, sings and produces on the album, which was recorded in Berlin, Germany, and his hometown, Manchester, in England. Johnny worked with Frank Arkwright, who he recently collaborated with on the remastering of his former band, The Smiths', 'Complete' box set.

Song titles on the album include 'The Right Thing Right', 'I Want The Heartbeat', 'European Me', 'Word Starts Attack' and 'Upstarts'.

Johnny - who has also been in bands including The The, Electronic, The Cribs, Modest Mouse and The Pretenders - recently told how he only very recently felt it was the right time for him to front a group.

He said: "It is late in the day to be making my debut. I didn't want to be in someone else's band at this point.

"In the past I might have been reluctant to stand up front, and I've been lucky enough to be in bands with great singers, so it wasn't necessary.

"But this is my band now, and the frontman in my band has to play guitar. I do both."

'The Messenger' is released on February 26.

Johnny Marr

Former Smiths guitarist, who's stuck to his indie credentials by gracing the stage with the likes of The Cribs, Dinosaur Jr and Modest Mouse.

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