A guide to comedy venues in Scotland

A guide to comedy venues in Scotland

Bars, clubs and venues hosting comedy nights in Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond

You can’t really talk about stand-up comedy in Scotland without mentioning the Stand Comedy Club, a venue that attracts top touring comics, household names trying out new material and is a platform for young comics to get their big break with Red Raw.

In Edinburgh, The Shack runs weekend gigs and a Gong Show, the Beehive Inn has its own newbie night and Beatnik Comedy resides at the Tron).

In Glasgow, Jongleurs runs a club at the Glasshouse, and there are talent nights for new comics and circuit stand-ups with Pop-Up Comedy at the Halt Bar, Comedy @ the State at the State Bar and there’s a new material night at Vespbar.

Outside of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Just Laugh runs regular nights in Perth, Inverness and Dundee and arts venues and pubs across the country will house comedians from time to time.