Martin Freeman shocked by Sherlock

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  • 5 November 2012
Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman admits he was shocked at how many viewers the last series of 'Sherlock' had, especially when it beat 'EastEnders'

Martin Freeman thinks the viewing figures for 'Sherlock' were "outrageous".

The 'Hobbit' actor portrays Watson opposite Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead character in the BBC series, and he admits he was shocked when more people tuned in to watch the crime drama than tea-time soap 'EastEnders'.

He said: "Some of the viewing figures we got with the second series of 'Sherlock' were f**king outrageous.

"One week, we beat 'EastEnders', and I'm so proud - not because we beat 'EastEnders' - but I'm just proud that millions, I mean literally millions of people wanted to watch it then. That night, do you know what I mean?"

However he admits playing nice guys in roles such as 'Sherlock' and 'The Office' have led people to think he is far nicer than he actually is.

He joked: "I totally get it and I'm sure I would feel the same way about this actor who had played a few of those parts. Which is only positive. It can be frustrating, just because you think, well, I know I'm not that person and you don't know I'm not that person."

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