Oliver Stone 'comforted' Salma Hayek

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  • 5 November 2012
Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone "comforted" Salma Hayek on the set of ultra-violent drug cartel drama 'Savages' because he wanted to make sure she wasn't disturbed by all the violence in the movie

Oliver Stone "comforted" Salma Hayek on the set of 'Savages'.

The actress stars in the director's ultra-violent drug cartel drama, but says the helmer was very attentive to her on set, and wanted to make sure she was not disturbed by all the violence they were acting.

She said: "Violence bothers me so much, but when you do a film that talks about violence and says, 'Come on, let's not pretend it's not happening, let's not look the other way, it is different, because it talks about violence that is real.

"It still bothered me though, of course, but once we got shooting, Oliver comforted me which was very strange.

"He flattered me, working with me really intensely, and letting me shape the character with him."

Salma - who has daughter Valentina, five, with husband Francois-Henri Pinault - filmed the movie in Los Angeles, which meant she could leave her little one with her mother while she was on set.

She said: "She couldn't have come [on set] but I filmed in Los Angeles and my mum was there, so it was OK. It doesn't matter for a guy, they bring the wife and she stays with the kids, but it is different when it's a mother bringing the kids."

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